All Martial. No Art.

The Op.3 system is designed to prepare good people for bad situations.

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You belong to a species that is THE apex predator on this planet. Your DNA is that of the cunning, resilient and - let's face it - violent individuals that got us to the top of the food chain.

So why don't you feel that way? Why do you instead feel unprepared to face hostility? The answer is largely social conditioning and a self-denial of certain instincts. The real question is how important is it for you to now become capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones?

For over 10 years, Sharif has been preparing good people for bad situations; rewiring their nervous systems so that 'on the day' they can respond with physical skill and access the psychological state that allowed our ancestors to survive and thrive.

Sharif's own journey in the combat arts spans over 25 years and has involved training with combat veterans in both the UK and Asia. He uses training methods gleaned from his own military experience to transform people from vulnerable to capable in the shortest time possible.

"My goal isn't to have 'students' - I don't want to tie people into a system. I want to create equals; people who can make me say 'OK, I wouldn't want to have to fight you'. When I can honestly say a student has become capable enough to ruin my day if they wanted to, that's when I feel like I've done my job"